Our Experts

Our CEO Olli Ruutikainen has held management positions in local and international industrial companies since the early 90s. He is familiar with managing companies in the face of market changes. He has acquired his work experience in the building materials industry (Consolis, Parastek, Parma, Addtek, Partek, Lohja) and construction (YIT, Lemminkäinen, HAKA).

Olli has held management positions in sales, production and project management. Already from the beginning of the 2000s, he has been responsible for the operations of an international production profit unit as CEO and has been a member of the boards of local companies and the international management team of the group. These have created the basis for understanding the whole in business and developing financial results.

Today, Olli is an active partner of the international EGLA network and works as an expert in several organizations in the development of sustainable development and responsibility reporting.

Contact information:

Olli Ruutikainen
Liikkeenjohdon konsultti
Tel:+358 400 219641